Le vélo sans petite culotte

jeudi, juin 15, 2006

rendez-vous manqués

Paige m'a fait découvrir une petite mine d'histoires vraies de rendez-vous manqués. C'est sur craigslist.com, dans la section missed connections. Les gens y recherchent des personnes croisées au hasard de la ville, ou d'anciennes connaissances perdues de vue. Exemples:
I was leaving les Francofolies last night in the middle of the show. You, brunette, long beautiful black hair and amazing eyes. Is there a chance you are reading this?

It was the late 70s I met you on the Bus from Boston to Motreal you bailed me out. I stayed a weekend you did the same here. I still have the poems you sent me I hope you have had a good life and you are well. I think of you now and again and wonder what if I had traveled that road.