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mercredi, juillet 13, 2005

The Values and Craft of American Journalism

Clavardage sur le site du Washington Post avec Roy Peter Clark, prof de journalisme aux ÉU et auteur d'un récent essai sur les nouvelles tendances du journalisme américain

Petit extrait qui parle de blog:
Washington, D.C.: There's been much hand-wringing about the effect of blogging on journalism. But it's my observation that the more successful the bloggers become, the more like traditional columnists and journalists they become. That doesn't go for all of them, but the major blogs -- the ones read by thousands per day -- seem to be "professionalizing" themselves. Care to comment?

Roy Peter Clark: I heard a statistic that most new bloggers are teenaged girls writing for their friends. That makes sense to me. And it's a good thing. I agree with your assessment that the most powerful bloggers have begun to adopt a set of practices and standards that begin looking more and more like journalism.

The problem I have with bloggers is that most of them do not go out and find things out -- and don't take enough responsibility for checking what they write. I do realize that this technology has a self-correcting mechanism, especially in the case of gross irresponsibility.

But I think the web log can be an exciting new form of citizen journalism, and that traditional journalism can learn a lot from their emerging popularity.

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