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vendredi, février 09, 2007

Les cauchemars d'un tortionnaire

Poignant témoignage dans le Washington Post d'un ancien employé des autorités américaines en Irak. Eric Fair était engagé comme spécialiste en arabe pour interroger les détenus. Il a dû employer des méthodes qui lui font faire des cauchemars aujourd'hui:

[...]Aggressive, and in many ways abusive, techniques were used daily in Iraq, all in the name of acquiring the intelligence necessary to bring an end to the insurgency. The violence raging there today is evidence that those tactics never worked. My memories are evidence that those tactics were terribly wrong.

While I was appalled by the conduct of my friends and colleagues, I lacked the courage to challenge the status quo. That was a failure of character and in many ways made me complicit in what went on. I'm ashamed of that failure, but as time passes, and as the memories of what I saw in Iraq continue to infect my every thought, I'm becoming more ashamed of my silence.

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