Le vélo sans petite culotte

mardi, septembre 27, 2005

Le premier Amour de Jim Morrison

Un super reportage sur Jim Morrison dans le St-Petersburg Times. Le texte fait suite aux confidences de Mary Werbelow, le premier amour du poète-rocker. Mary n'a jamais donné sa version des faits à personne, malgré les demandes répétées et les offres monétaires. À 61 ans, elle sort de sa coquille et le résultat est ce papier.

When Mary moved, she says, Jim had a knack for finding her. He would eventually ask if she had changed her mind. "Why can't we be together now?"

Not yet, she would answer, someday.

More than once, she says, he asked her to marry.

"It was heartbreaking. I knew I wanted to be with him, but I couldn't."

She thought they were too young. She worried they might grow apart. She needed more time to explore her own identity.

In late 1968, Mary moved to India to study meditation. She never saw Jim again.

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