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lundi, février 06, 2006

Podcast avec John Patrick

Podcast intéressant sur les blogs avec John Patrick, sur le site de IBM.
Blogs, innovation, communication, tags, contexte...extraits:

Blogging is probably the most underestimated technology I can think of right now. There are many underestimated technologies currently, and people always like to talk about what’s the next big thing. And I think there are a lot of next big things right now. In fact, this feels like 1994 to me. And it is very exciting. A lot of venture capital is flowing, a lot of new companies are starting, a lot of people are putting new ideas together and it is a very exciting time.

And I would say that most of the really big next things are already here, we just don’t know it. And the way I have been able to spot the next big thing is to look at what people are skeptical about. If they are skeptical about it, it is pretty likely one of the next big things.

It is hard to imagine about a dozen years ago people were very skeptical about the Internet. Oh, that’s very interesting, John, but we will never connect our bank to the Internet. Well, of course, now we know that banks couldn’t be banks without the Internet.

So blogging is in that category. I would say we are 5% of the way there. Blogging is one of those things that people like to say, oh, blogging, you know, it is like the hula hoop or CD radio, and I think still it is being underestimated because blogging is not about John writing his opinion or Sally writing her opinion, blogging is a way to communicate.

Sur les tags, power to the people!:
This is way under-tapped. We are right at the very beginning of this. We are at the very beginning with tagging, and there is a lot of deep research kind of work going on, but I think there is a case to be made that the real impact of tagging will come from grassroots. Just like the real impact of the Web, it did not come top down. It didn’t come from IBM or AT&T® or Microsoft® or GE® or any big company. It came from people at universities and governments and students and just people. That’s how it evolved and is still evolving. And I believe right now that the power to the people concept is reengaging. People are taking control of their data and they are deciding what tags should be applied.