Le vélo sans petite culotte

mercredi, septembre 13, 2006

La WTO crée le WTC et nous invite à jouer à Urgent!

OK, ça semble tout droit sorti d'un article du The Onion, mais c'est tiré du blog russe snowsquare :
The highlight of the autumn season in Moscow is the World Toilet Organisation's World Toilet Summit & Expo 2006.

Une visite du site web de la World Toilet Organization:
World Toilet Organization (WTO) has started World Toilet College (WTC) because there was a need for an independent world body to ensure that the best standards in Toilet Design, Cleanliness, Maintenance, Quality of Work and Sanitation Technologies are kept.

Et en primeur canadienne sur LVSPC, le jeu Urgent!
Urgent! is a game, in 3D format, which aims to educate toilet users on proper toilet hygiene and toilet etiquettes. The toilets must be kept clean, and all germs should be disinfected before it comes in contact with patrons of the toilet such as elderly and pregnant women.

You have to maintain a good level of sanitation to advance to different levels. There are 3 stages, with 3 rounds in each stage.

(via GVO)