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vendredi, janvier 20, 2006

Les blogs influenceront le design web?

L'article The beauty and the blog sur ITBusiness.ca suggère aux gestionnaires des technologies de l'information de jeter un coup d'oeil sur le look (ou le non-look) des blogs. L'auteur de l'article joint sa voix au mouvement less is more, keep it simple, etc, et prédit que les blogs influenceront le design web en général.

When you consider the parallel speed at which Web sites proliferated in the 1990s and the blogs did in the early years of this decade, the conservative aesthetic really stands out. It took several years before Web site designers learned that less is more, that a good user experience comes out of simplicity and consistency. Not that all Web site designers learned this lesson. Compared to traditional portals, which still tend to experiment like teenagers in search of an identity, blogs are like graduate students – almost bohemian in their lack of ostentation, attractive precisely because they seem to so easily convey who their authors are.


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