Le vélo sans petite culotte

lundi, février 13, 2006

Blogs to Riches

En couverture du New York Magazine: The Blog. Avec un article de Clive Thompson dont le blog, collision detection, est bien connu de mes lecteurs réguliers. Extrait:
[...]the five Boing Boing bloggers still retain their day jobs, blogging only part time. “I always figured my life was fueling my blogging, so I didn’t want to be just a blogger,” says Cory Doctorow, a novelist, copyright activist, and one of the Boing Boing five. “We could make a living at this. I mean, we’ve got the circulation of a good-size magazine—better than a good-size magazine. And our overhead is much smaller.” Or as Shirky puts it, “The Boing Boing thing is, they have more readers than Wired and yet they have a part-time staff of five. That’s the new math.”